Thursday, March 3, 2011

Homemade Slurpee

I have a mild addiction to...

Slurpees!!!, especially the crystal light varieties.  I just love the icy, sweet, and slightly bubbly mixture. 

 What I do not love however is that it is not at all natural and  I am sure it is filled with ingredients I cannot pronounce...

So I decided to make my own Slurpee after surfing the web and stumbling across a recipe for Mixed Berry Fizz on the Weight Watchers website. 

Homemade Berry Slurpee 

source - Weight Watchers - Mixed Berry Fizz


1/2 cup mixed berries - fresh or frozen

1/2 cup ice

1/2 cup seltzer - plus more to reach desired thinness

3/4 tablespoon sugar

Put all ingredients in the blend and puree until smooth.  Add more seltzer to reach desired consistency.

The was delicious and best of all I know that all the ingredients in this Slurpee are healthy and it's all natural!


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